Monday, May 2, 2016

Officially Over

My year as an all star cheerleader has officially ended. As this is the end of an amazing year, I am excited to start my season for high school cheer. This past year there have been many ups and downs. My team went through injuries, causing us to not have our full original team until the last competition. We learned what it feels like to lose first place by .1 and .3. We realized how great it feels to put hours upon hours of work all for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. We realized that you can't focus on winning until you focus on hitting. We were taught that "It is what it is" and you can't always win. This past year, has been a learning experience I will hold onto dearly. I was taught that cheerleading isn't all about winning. It is about putting your whole heart and working as hard as you can to do what you love. Cheerleading is about focusing on what you have to do and putting 110% into doing that. This was an awesome year and I am sad to say goodbye to my WVTG cheer family.