Monday, April 11, 2016

US Finals

This past weekend was my last competition of the season. It was US Finals. US Finals is a competition for "the best in the US." We got a gold paid bid to this comp at the beginning of our season. My team did amazing. We hit a zero deduction routine. This means that we did everything perfect with no mistakes. Our score ended up being a 92.40. We were against 7 other teams in our division. When it was time for awards, they announced the placings up to forth. Then they went to the next division. Our name was not called, meaning that we were in the top three. Once it was time for our divisions top three, we got in a circle holding hands. We told each other that no matter our placing, we should be proud. We had a season full of sickness and injuries, making it very stressful. There we were, standing on that stage with the lights on us, knowing we were in the top three of the US. We ended up getting 2nd place and I couldn't be any happier. We put out the best performance of the season. I am going to miss being a Rebel.

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