Thursday, February 18, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

We have a few weeks to prepare for our next competition. We are changing stunts, tumbling, and formations. This week at practice, we stretched out in windows. After we were finished stretching, we cleared the floor and warmed up tumbling. Warming up tumbling consists of getting back in windows, and doing standing tumbling. We start with a few back-handsprings. Following the back-handsprings is standing back tucks, then toe back tucks. Then we warm up our standing series. Once this is all warmed up, we move on to running tumbling. They give the entire team about 10- 15 minutes to get warm up all running tumbling. We then move on to stunts. Normally, we do S4 first stunt, S5 first stunt, S4 second stunt, etc. We take turns with each team to give ourselves a little break. Once this is completed, we go to our beginning spots and do a run through to make any small changes in the routine. We then do a tumble through and stunt through. This makes sure that we remember the changes and gives us a little break. When we go full out, we only do this a few times. It is actually really bad on your body to do more than 3 full outs in one practice.

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