Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NCA Kentucky

This past weekend my team competed at the NCA Wildcard Classic. This was in Louisville, Kentucky. My morning started by waking up at 7:00 to start getting ready. Once I was ready, my grandparents picked me up and we went out for breakfast. My grandparents had to take me to this competition because my parents had to work. We were on the road headed to Kentucky by 9. We arrived around 12:45 and went to the Convention Center. I met with my team and stretched out. By the time I was done stretching, it was time to go watch Senior 3 compete. When they were done, it was time for my team to go to warm ups. We did an awesome job in warm ups. Once we hit the stage we did great. We had one stunt fall, but everything else hit perfectly. We ended up getting second place and that is something to be proud of. Hard work really does pay off!

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