Monday, May 2, 2016

Officially Over

My year as an all star cheerleader has officially ended. As this is the end of an amazing year, I am excited to start my season for high school cheer. This past year there have been many ups and downs. My team went through injuries, causing us to not have our full original team until the last competition. We learned what it feels like to lose first place by .1 and .3. We realized how great it feels to put hours upon hours of work all for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. We realized that you can't focus on winning until you focus on hitting. We were taught that "It is what it is" and you can't always win. This past year, has been a learning experience I will hold onto dearly. I was taught that cheerleading isn't all about winning. It is about putting your whole heart and working as hard as you can to do what you love. Cheerleading is about focusing on what you have to do and putting 110% into doing that. This was an awesome year and I am sad to say goodbye to my WVTG cheer family.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Why All Star Cheer? continued

As I mentioned before, I didn't know what I would do without cheer. On of my friends, Kacie, texted me and said that I should try all-star cheer in Terre Haute. She sent me a link to the gym she had cheered at before. I did a lot of research and asked my parents if we could just go see the gym. They were happy that I wanted to do this. We made an appointment and I tried out for a team. I was selected to be on the Senior Co-Ed Level 4 team. This was a big step for me. I had been very sad and didn't want to do anything. Now I finally got cheer back into my life. This was the beginning of an experience I will never forget.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Why All Star Cheer?

I realized that I have never mentioned why I am doing all star cheer this year. I have been a cheerleader my entire life. From Tiger Power, to middle school cheer, and even high school, cheer has been a huge part of my life. I cheered on the high school team my freshman and sophomore year. When I tried out for my junior year, I went into tryouts with very little worries. My jumps were high, I had good tumbling, and my stunting was also good. I remember the day of tryouts, Carson and I went to the Marshall DQ to get the "5 buck lunch." When we finished eating, we were walking out to the car and Carson told me the list was up. Of course, I had to see right then if I had made the team. I got in the drivers seat, unlocked my phone, and saw the list. My heart sank, my name was not on the list. I thought that it must have been a mistake.I had worked extremely hard my entire life to be a high school cheerleader. I cried, a ton, in that parking lot. I thought my life was over. I didn't know what I would do without cheer.

Monday, April 11, 2016

US Finals

This past weekend was my last competition of the season. It was US Finals. US Finals is a competition for "the best in the US." We got a gold paid bid to this comp at the beginning of our season. My team did amazing. We hit a zero deduction routine. This means that we did everything perfect with no mistakes. Our score ended up being a 92.40. We were against 7 other teams in our division. When it was time for awards, they announced the placings up to forth. Then they went to the next division. Our name was not called, meaning that we were in the top three. Once it was time for our divisions top three, we got in a circle holding hands. We told each other that no matter our placing, we should be proud. We had a season full of sickness and injuries, making it very stressful. There we were, standing on that stage with the lights on us, knowing we were in the top three of the US. We ended up getting 2nd place and I couldn't be any happier. We put out the best performance of the season. I am going to miss being a Rebel.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sitting Out

This last week at cheer, I have been sitting out. I am not able to participate in practice because of my knee problems. I am very sad because I am not sure if I will be able to compete in my last competition on April 10. This competition is US Finals and my team worked very hard to get a gold bid to be able to go. I might go and cheer the team on if I am not able to compete. It will just depend on whether or not my parents want to drive to Indy. I am not sure if they will want to go since I'm not competing. It would essentially waste gas and money to drive there. I really hope that I get released so I can compete with them. Whether I compete or not, I wish all of the WVTG Rebels teams good luck!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Indy LIVE Day 2

On Day 2 of Indy LIVE, I had to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to leave for Indy by 5:00. We arrived at the Convention Center a little after 7:00. I had around 30 minutes to do my hair and makeup. Once I was done with that, I went to our team room. I stretched out and put Icy Hot on my knees. Then, I went through the Senior 3 dance. I did this to make sure I remembered all of my new spots. We went to the warm up room around 8 and then performed. Our coaches said that it was the best performance that Senior 3 has performed all year. I loved filling in on that team. I had about 30 minutes until Senior 4 went on so I sat in our team room until we had to meet our coach. We also had a great performance. I am going to miss this team so much.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Indy LIVE Saturday

On Saturday, it was Day 1 of Indy LIVE. I woke up at 8:00 a.m. to start getting ready. We left at 10:00 to go to Indy. When we arrived, we went to our teams room. At these competitions, our gym pays for a room for our families and us to sit in when we don't want to be in the competition arena. This was the day that the special needs team performed. We met with our two girls and stretched out with them. Once it was time to go to warmups, we walked to the room and warmed up their stunts and practiced their tumbling. We then went over their routine and got a drink of water. After this we went to the "Team Loading" area and waited for their turn to perform. Once they announced "Wabash Valley Pride", we got to walk down a red carpet and go to the stage. The girls did great! After the performance, they got trophy's and to sit in the Leader Lounge. I am going to miss helping out with this so much when the season is over!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Practice Before LIVE

This week has been very busy for me. At practice on Sunday, I was asked to join another team for the competition this weekend. This means I have spent around 11 hours at cheer in the last 4 days. This does not include the time it takes to drive to and from cheer. We have been working on cleaning our routines to make them the best they can possibly be. On Sunday, we worked mainly on stunts and tumbling for both teams I will be on this weekend. On Monday for Senior 4 practice, we continued cleaning our routine and focused on stunts. We changed some stunts to make the routine the best we can. On Wednesday at Senior 4 practice, we spent almost the entire time working on changing the dance. We did this for over an hour and a half. The dance is so much better than it was before. I think both teams will do great this weekend!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


This year, my team will be competing at Indy LIVE. It is on March 12 and 13, depending on what level you are on. This competition is very different from any other competition. As our team is announced, we will walk the red carpet to enter from the front of the stage. We will be walking down the center of the audience to a song that we choose. This is different from other competitions because normally you enter the stage from the back and they play a random song. Another thing that is different about this competition is the Leader Lounge. Before our scores are announced, each of us will be given a performer trophy. If you have the highest score in your division, you get escorted across the stage and get to stay in the leader lounge until someone beats your score or until you win the division. I cannot wait for this competition! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Practice, Practice, Practice

This week at Wabash Valley Tumbling and Gymnastics, we are fixing our routines for Indy LIVE. Last night at practice, we went through our routines count by count. This helped our coaches to see little things that are different or look bad in the routine. While we did our routine, Senior 5 worked on tumbling. When we were done, we worked on tumbling and conditioning. We did the conditioning on our own. We chose to work on abs. We did jelly bellies, crunches, and up-downs. We did sets of 50, repeating each time we finished. We will continue making small changes to our routines until our next competition.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

We have a few weeks to prepare for our next competition. We are changing stunts, tumbling, and formations. This week at practice, we stretched out in windows. After we were finished stretching, we cleared the floor and warmed up tumbling. Warming up tumbling consists of getting back in windows, and doing standing tumbling. We start with a few back-handsprings. Following the back-handsprings is standing back tucks, then toe back tucks. Then we warm up our standing series. Once this is all warmed up, we move on to running tumbling. They give the entire team about 10- 15 minutes to get warm up all running tumbling. We then move on to stunts. Normally, we do S4 first stunt, S5 first stunt, S4 second stunt, etc. We take turns with each team to give ourselves a little break. Once this is completed, we go to our beginning spots and do a run through to make any small changes in the routine. We then do a tumble through and stunt through. This makes sure that we remember the changes and gives us a little break. When we go full out, we only do this a few times. It is actually really bad on your body to do more than 3 full outs in one practice.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NCA Kentucky

This past weekend my team competed at the NCA Wildcard Classic. This was in Louisville, Kentucky. My morning started by waking up at 7:00 to start getting ready. Once I was ready, my grandparents picked me up and we went out for breakfast. My grandparents had to take me to this competition because my parents had to work. We were on the road headed to Kentucky by 9. We arrived around 12:45 and went to the Convention Center. I met with my team and stretched out. By the time I was done stretching, it was time to go watch Senior 3 compete. When they were done, it was time for my team to go to warm ups. We did an awesome job in warm ups. Once we hit the stage we did great. We had one stunt fall, but everything else hit perfectly. We ended up getting second place and that is something to be proud of. Hard work really does pay off!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Preparing for NCA

This week, we are preparing for NCA. NCA stands for National Cheerleading Association. This competition is being held in Kentucky. At this competition, you can win Summit bids. Summit is held in Disney World and the teams in it are the best of the best. My coach said we will probably not be able to take the bid if we get it. The bid would most likely be a Wildcard bid and that doesn't guarantee you to be able to compete on Day 1 or 2. Although we won't be taking the bid if we get it, we are still working extremely hard. We did a ton of full outs. These help us prepare for competitions because we won't be out of shape when we finish the routine. We have also done a lot more conditioning than we normally do. I can't wait for this weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Practice After Supers

We have had three practices since we competed at Super Nationals. Our first practice, we worked a lot on tumbling. We practiced setting more on our tumbling passes. We also did a few full outs and a lot of marking routines. After each full out, if we didn't throw a tumbling pass, we had to do six of that pass. If we touched down, we had to do three. At our next practice, we worked on everything in the routine. We want to be perfect for our competition next week. At practice on Monday, we warmed up tumbling and stunts, then went full out. If an entire stunt group was not there, you had to do some type of conditioning during stunts. I can not wait to see what our next competition has in store for us.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Jamfest Super Nationals

This past weekend, we competed at Super Nationals. I woke up at 4 in the morning to begin getting ready. My team competed at 7:45 am for our Day 1 performance. We hit everything perfect in the warm ups. There was no doubt in our minds that we wouldn't be great. As we were walking towards the hall we were competing in, the boy on our team realized his pants had ripped in a small spot. We agreed that we would worry about it after we performed. They finally called our name to go on the stage. The lights were shining on us and we were ready to give it our all. Our music kept messing up. We stood on the stage for around five minutes until they finally got it to work. We were doing great, but then two people on our team got sick. We had to exist the floor. The JamBrands were nice enough to let us perform again, but one of our flyers had to go cheer at a basketball game. We pulled a girl from a lower level and taught her the stunts. We went out there and tried our best. Once we were done, the Special Needs team that I help with, Pride, had to go warm up. They did extremely well. Watching how excited they were, made me realize that it didn't matter how we placed. These girls were so proud of themselves and that's all that matters. On our Day 2 performance, we did a lot better than the day before. Super Nationals taught me that you should always be proud of yourself and your team, even if mistakes are made.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Practice Before Super Nationals

     This week is at cheer, we are making last minute changes to our routines before Super Nationals. On Sunday, our practice did not go as well as it could have. We started with a full out, and it just didn't work. We were not hitting stunts or tumbling. Towards the end of practice, we started to hit our stunts. On Mondays practice, we did a lot better than we did on Sunday. We started practice as if we were at a competition. We warmed up each stunt first. After that, we warmed up tumbling as a team. When we were finished we did a full out. Everything was great until the end of the routine when we got to baskets and pyramid. I can not wait for this weekend!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Super Nationals

This week at Wabash Valley Tumbling and Gymnastics, we are preparing for Super Nationals. JAMFEST Super Nationals are held in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a two day competition that begins on January 16, 2016. We will be scored on many different parts of our routine. Some of the things each team is scored on is the difficulty of stunts, pyramids, tosses, and tumbling. There are many rules to making each teams routine. Based on what type of skills you do, you are placed on a level that best suits you. For example, I am on a Senior Level 4 team. We have a certain limit on the skills we can do. I can't wait for Super Nationals!